5 Ways To Feel Happier Right Now

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Here are five things that you can do right now that will improve your mood and hopefully make you feel happier right now.


Starting to appreciate what you have rather than focusing on what you don’t have is a great way of lifting your mind. Challenge yourself to list a few things you are grateful for right now. Keep the list where you can look back at it and add to it as you think of more things to be grateful for. Even better, start a gratitude journal. Every day you could write in it what you are grateful for and look back at it for a lift next time you’re feeling low.


OK, so this one is easier to do when the weather is nice. But getting outside can be so uplifting. Getting outside doesn’t mean going far. It could mean going into your garden or yard and feeling the sunshine, wind or even rain or snow on your face. Connecting with the outdoors and having a break from your surroundings can make a huge difference to your well-being.

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When you write down how you are feeling right now, you are getting in touch with your emotions. In the case of negative feelings, to write down how you feel puts a label on the emotion. Once you’ve accepted that you feel a certain way, it allows your mind to release that emotion. It is always healthier to identify emotions and accept them if you can, rather than to hold on to them and bury them. If you are stuck for a word, or words to describe the way you are feeling, maybe you could get creative and draw them or use another creative means to identify the emotions.


This could mean phoning someone, arranging to meet with someone or texting or messaging them. It could be starting a conversation, or it could be a message or text just to tell them you’re thinking about them and how much they mean to you. It could just be reaching out and saying hey, what’s new with you? If you don’t have anyone in your life, maybe you could reach out to someone via an internet forum or a chat room, or ideally by going out somewhere where other people gather. Connecting with people can remind you of who you are and can make you instantly feel more like yourself again.

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If you are struggling with motivation, even a small task can give you a lift and make you feel a little more motivated. Don’t pressure yourself into doing something too big. Maybe you don’t feel like doing all the washing up, but you could wash a few cups. Maybe you can’t face writing that assignment or speech, but you could write the very first line or short paragraph and get it saved. It’s a start and sometimes that is all you need to get yourself going. The small reward from doing something small can lead to much bigger things.

I hope that doing one or more of these things will help to get you feeling a little happier right now. Even just a small amount of happiness and fulfillment can start a chain reaction and who knows where it will lead.

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2 thoughts on “5 Ways To Feel Happier Right Now

  1. Simple things in life are sometimes are the most delightful experiences. 🙂

    Spread positivity n spread some love.
    Cheers. Rock On

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